CC Massage Therapy 

Living in a fast-paced urban city means busy streets, crowded downtown areas, more opportunities to succeed, and is also associated with great levels of anxiety, stress. Then cause various kinds of physical discomfort. Among adults, 60%-80% of people will experience back pain, and 20%-70% will experience neck pain that interferes with their daily activities during their lifetime. And the trends keep growing due to the fast-paced urban lifestyle. It is important to find a way of keeping yourself refreshed and full of energy, and yes! We can help.

In CC Massage Therapy, we have several health disciplines to help every customer receive optimum healthcare. We all know that unprofessional operations can make the situation worse, same as the human body. Unprofessional healthcare can cause even more physical discomfort or body pain. All practitioners working at CC Massage Therapy are well trained and experienced to help people relieve physical discomfort, relax from stressful daily life and boost inner body health in the long term.

We’d like to do our best to make our customers feel safe, relax. And to make it easier, we do direct billing for Registered Massage Therapy to most insurance providers and extended medical providers.