Registered Massage Therapy

dreamstime xxl 109603005Registered massage therapy is a kind of health discipline to help people relieve body discomfort by using touch to manipulate the soft-tissues muscles of the body. ‘Registered Massage Therapist’ is the profession designation for a person who has trained and completed competency-based education at educational institutions recognized by the Government of each province in Canada. To become a registered massage therapist, people must study the sciences of anatomy, physiology, pathology, physical assessment, and neurology. There is numerous evidence-informed that registered massage therapy reduces pain, speeds up injury recovery, and improves movement performance by improving soft tissue and joint health through the manual manipulation of soft tissue, connective tissue, muscles, ligaments, and tendons coupled with therapeutic exercise. Therefore, it is crucial to find a registered massage therapist who can provide safe and effective health care for your long-term health. All the registered massage therapists who work at CCMT are experienced and certificated by CMTBC.

Your Treatment

*Prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars. All prices need to plus GST*

*Price effective in January 2022*

Registered Massage Therapy 30mins $80

We offer a 30 minutes rapid massage therapy for people who don’t have a full hour but need to treat pain in the specific body area. Such as headaches/ sports injury (EX. Knee injury and ankle sprain, hamstring strain, etc.)/ posture-related injuries (ex. Lower back and neck pain, shoulder and arm pain, etc.), etc.

Registered Massage Therapy 60mins $120

We offer 60 minutes of regular massage therapy for people who need to treat pain in multiple body areas. Such as headaches/sports injury/ posture-related injuries, and other general body pain. Our professional registered massage therapist will provide a full body massage to help our customer maintain their body health, relax the muscles and relieve stress.

Registered Massage Therapy 90mins $180

The 90 minutes extended massage therapy combined a full body massage and an enhanced target massage. This extended massage therapy will help people relax deeply, relief from general body pain. And it is also a good choice for people who suffering pain and dysfunction in multiple body areas. Such as complex injury/ movement impairment, etc.