AI Disclosure

At, we believe in the cooperation between technology and human expertise to create exceptional content. We use artificial intelligence (AI) tools to improve the quality of our articles, making them more helpful and accessible to our readers. Our AI philosophy is centred on enhancing the human experience and not just optimizing for search engines.


Our A.I. philosophy:


  • Technology and human cooperation: We believe that AI should not replace human input, but rather augment it. At, we use AI tools to support our team in their efforts to create informative and engaging content that is easy to understand and visually appealing.
  • Unprecedented technology to improve articles for humans: We use cutting-edge AI technologies to improve the quality of our content. Our AI tools analyze data and user behaviour to provide insights that help us create articles that better meet the needs of our readers.
  • AI should be used to enrich the human experience, not a search engine’s: Our focus is on creating articles that are informative, engaging, and helpful for our readers. We do not use AI to optimize for search engines at the expense of human readability and usability.


How we may use AI to improve our content:


  1. Headers: AI can help us write more compelling and informative headers that accurately reflect the content of our articles. This makes it easier for readers to quickly find the information they need.
  2. Body text: AI can be used to create body text that is well-written and free of grammatical mistakes, helping us make more engaging and concise content. It can also help our writers adjust to language that is more accessible to our readers.
  3. Images: AI can help us create images that are visually appealing and relevant to the content of our articles. With the help of A.I., we can craft unique images that can convey ideas in a creative and helpful manner to readers.
  4. Data visualization: AI can be used to create interactive data visualizations that make complex information easier to understand, such as tables, graphs, charts, and more. This can be especially helpful for readers who are not familiar with a particular topic.


What we do not use AI for:


  1. Factual accuracy: We do not rely solely on AI to ensure the accuracy of our articles. Our team is committed to accuracy and fact-checking all content before publication.
  2. Article structure: While AI can help us optimize the structure of our articles, we believe that the human touch is essential in creating an engaging and well-structured article.
  3. Formatting: While AI can help with formatting, we believe that the final decisions about article layout should be made by our team to ensure a cohesive and visually appealing final product.
  4. UX/UI experience: We use AI to improve the readability and accessibility of our content, but we believe that the final user experience should be crafted by our team with human input.


How we preserve Integrity and Correctness:


  1. Commitment to accuracy: We have a strict commitment to ensuring the factual accuracy of our articles. All claims, statistics, and studies are backed up by reputable sources.
  2. Human-reviewed and fact-checked: All content is reviewed by our team of experts before publication, and we have a fact-checking process in place to ensure the accuracy of all information.
  3. Sources for all claims, stats, and studies: We provide sources for all claims, statistics, and studies mentioned in our articles to allow readers to verify the information presented.
  4. Human-guided from start to finish: While AI plays a role in improving the quality of our content, it is always guided by human expertise and input.
  5. Responsible use: We use AI tools in a responsible manner that prioritizes the needs of our readers and maintains the integrity of our content.
  6. Attention to detail: Our team is dedicated to ensuring that all aspects of our articles, from content to formatting and presentation, are meticulously reviewed and crafted to the highest standards of quality.
  7. People-first: Our content is created with our readers in mind. We prioritize their needs and strive to create articles that are informative, helpful, and engaging.


How Readers Benefit:


  1. Informative: Our articles are thoroughly researched and fact-checked to ensure the accuracy of the information presented.
  2. Visually helpful: We use AI tools to create visually appealing content that helps readers better understand complex information.
  3. Engaging, concise, and well-written: Our team of experts is dedicated to crafting articles that are engaging, concise, and well-written. We use AI tools to optimize our content for readability and accessibility, resulting in a positive user experience for our readers.


In conclusion, at, we use AI tools to enhance and enrich our content, with a focus on creating informative, visually appealing, and engaging articles for our readers. Our AI philosophy is centred on augmenting human expertise, not replacing it, and we maintain a commitment to accuracy and integrity throughout our content creation process.